Beta Live Tv Presentation

We are glad to announce that on 10/02/2017 Coama Pos Systems Ltd got invited by BETA Live Tv to show a presentation and explain the differentials about the POS Systems & Cash Register Machines.

Our products are made of high quality and trustworthy experience.

The Cash Register Machines are for very small business with little or specific products so the user can handle it easily. Cash Registers can save up to 20-40 products in their memory, each time you must press the price manually for any product except for some stored buttons that hold the price in the memory with the product. Also, cash register can connect with a weight scale so you can automatically get the right price according to the product weight.  Therefore, every night when you are closing your business you must take the Z report from the Cash register and store it.

In general prospection Cash Register Machines are old but solid technology which suits a small business with 5-40 products so the user can use it effectively without any problems.

Pos Systems on the other hand are the modern technology, with Gladius Software running on the Pos System we have graphical user interface not just physical buttons. They are more likely than the cash register because it is very easy to use and almost suit any kind of business you have e.g. restaurant, cafe, bar, club, pet shop, supermarket, butcher shop, bakery and more....

With Gladius software, we can have as many products we want as there is no limit, we can create cashiers so the manager chould get a report with their working hours. Also, there is the option to choose between Seat In, Take Away & Delivery mode so the Vat rate is always correct for you. We can set the Gladius software to automatically print the orders when you will choose the products so there is no need for you to write them on a paper. With Gladius software you will be able to have dozens of reports which is very important for you to know important information about sales, stock quantity, customer list, Z reports and much more. Also, the Z report is always stored in the memory of the program so you don’t have to keep every night the Z report to sum it at the end of the month manually, everything is stored in the memory and you can reprint whenever you want.

In general prospection, the POS Systems are making our work much easier and help us track almost every move in our business.


We suggest you to consider us, for an advice to explore what suit better for your business.

For any information, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always here for you.


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